Wonky Log Cabin Quilt

This quilt has been quite a journey. It started off without any particular recipient in mind, I just wanted to make a wonky log cabin quilt. But when I gave the last quilt I made to baby Henrietta, her big brother Albie (2 years old) was very very interested in it, so I thought I’d make this one for him.

The last quilt felt a bit thin to me, so I used double thickness batting in this one. That gave me a few problems, as it didnt really stick together when basting, and so I ended up with some puckering on the back of the quilt when it was quilted. But thats evened out in the wash, I’m glad to say.

The wash! That’s when the problems really started. I didn’t prewash any of the fabrics, relying on the colour catcher sheets to do their job. I pulled the quilt out of the washing machine, and there were pink stains all over the back. Commence gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair. I didn’t have any dye remover in the house (you can be sure some is on its way to me now though!), so I put it back in the wash with about 7 more colour catcher sheets.

When it came out, the worst staining had gone, but there were new stains on the front of the quilt. Even more wailing ensued. But I left it to dry overnight, thinking I would just have to wait until the dye remover comes, and give it another wash.

But when I looked at it this morning, dry, every single stain had vanished…….. Crazy, huh??!!!

Isn’t it purty? Isn’t it perfect for a little boy? Don’t you just want to roll around on it, and drive toy cars up and down it?!

Excuse such a picture heavy post, but I’m ridiculously excited about this quilt. I found the log cabin piecing really fun and inspiring and creative. I think my next quilt (already requested by another pregnant friend!) will be log cabin too, although not the same as this one.

I must say, improv piecing is definitely the way to go for me. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction and achievement. I also really, really, really, love quilting.

This binding was the toughest bit of the quilt. I sewed and unpicked, sewed and unpicked, and in parts its really cobbled together. I made the mistake of cutting the same width binding that I did for the last baby quilt – when this one has two thicknesses of batting. Won’t make that mistake again!! Still, it looks good overall, I think.

Next project, please!

Posh Orphans

Ok guys, there’s still a few skeins left from this morning’s dawn update, but I’ve removed the sold out skeins from the page, and added the preview for tonight’s orphan skein update. Here ya go! That’s the last update of 2011!!

Club Signups

The 2012 Club signups are now over! If you want to be added to the waiting list, in case anyone drops out, you can send me a message via Ravelry, or an email to info@poshyarn.co.uk.

Shop Updates 18.12.11 (yes, I said updateS)

This week’s shop preview is now up! And here’s the Flickr set.

This is a dawn update (that’s putting it mildly), at 4am UK time. You can convert this to your time zone here. As usual during dawn updates, I’m not restricting any customers from buying, regardless of your location, but the time slot is more favourable for customers from Down Under, the Far East, etc, so it gives them a chance to buy without having to get up in the middle of the night! If you are here in the UK, and you are willing to get up before 4am with me, then all power to you – but maybe give the others a bit of a head start, if you are a regular customer and don’t have trouble shopping in the normal shop updates.

In the evening we will be having an orphan skein update (altogether now, ahhhhhh) at our normal time slot of 7pm. Once the yarn has sold out from the dawn update, I will put up the orphans preview – not that there is much to see, as there are no photos. That will be our last shop update of 2011. The next update will be January 1st, with (hopefully) a brand new look to the website, and free post for everyone to celebrate our makeover!!!