Adventures in Quilting

I have always loved patchwork quilts. I even used to make little patchwork/embroidered pictures. But I never had the confidence to try making a Real Quilt. Until recently. And then I thought, if I can learn to make socks on 4 needles / spin my own yarn / knit complicated lace, I can sew a few seams and make a quilt!

So I did. Two quilts! A Pair. I made them both simultaneously, as I suspected that Second Sock Syndrome might have a sewing parallel.


I made up my own pattern. It’s sort of crooked, intentionally. I like the modern crooked/wonky style. I like lots of white space too. I picked out lots of bright fabrics, and sewed them in strips, and chopped those strips and resewed them in blocks. I didn’t use a pattern, and I made a right mess of things, but I learned by my mistakes, oh I learned.



Now they are both ready to be quilted. I have never quilted anything, and I intend to use my little sewing machine, but I refuse to be daunted. I can do this! I was all psyched to start on the weekend, and then I realised I needed a different foot, which has delayed things somewhat. Still, it gave me a chance to start on the next quilt.  

I am so excited about this, I could easily throw up. I wanted to try my hand at a real improv quilt, so I decided to give log cabin a go. So! Much! FUN!!!! Unlike the other quilts, which proceeded in slow steps – cut, cut, cut, sew, sew, sew, recut, piece, piece, piece – this one gives immediate satisfaction. (Although the first two quilts only felt slow, in fact I think I pieced them pretty fast for a beginner. They are 65″ by 85″ each, and took me 5 weeks in total.)

I cut and sewed each strip as I went along. I also trimmed and secured the ends, so that the final piecing will be fast and neat. Unlike the last two quilts, when I didn’t know any better than to sew them into 80″ wonky strips, and was then confused as to why the whole quilt top was skewed when I sewed it together, this one looks wonky and crooked, but will be square and easy to piece. Each block is 10″ square, and I’m making it 5 blocks wide by 6 blocks long. Plus borders. Instant gratification – this block took me one hour. And it felt like art, rather than a dull process. I am totally smitten.

I’m still knitting, never fear! But my progress is s.l.o.w. and there’s little to show you. Well, that’s not quite true, as I have a whole handspun stripy sock to show you, and Tony’s cable knit cardi. I should get on to that. But first, one…little….seam……

Two’s Company, Three’s Even Better

On a very dark & rainy day, it’s nice to have company. 

Pip is like a little dog – wherever I go, he goes. He will curl up and sleep in the most uncomfortable places, just to be with me. And where he goes, Squeak follows. When I work in the yarn room, I have to bring a big cushion for them, so they have somewhere comfortable to nap. It’s cozy in there today, with the three of us, music playing, candles flickering.

Posh Club 2012 Signups

Sign ups for the club will be:

Friday December 2nd at 9pm

I have tried to work out a time that would suit most time zones. If you live somewhere like Dubai, and this is a bad time for you, please do ask for a personal shopper, I’m sure someone could oblige.

Because of the nature of the club, I would ask that you only have one membership per person. I will need payment when you sign up, but you can take a little time to decide which category of yarn you would like for the year.

I am slightly changing the time frame, because Tony is away for 2 weeks in February, so the first shipment will be March, then July, then November.

If you don’t get a spot, please email me and I will put you on a waiting list, because a few spots usually become available.

Signups will take place in the same style as a normal shop update, on the Posh Yarn website. You will need to select your location carefully as you complete Checkout, either UK or International, to make sure you pay the right amount.

If you have any questions, just send me an email or message via Ravelry. 

Shop Update 06.11.11

This week’s shop preview is up! With a few tweaks to make it more enjoyable to browse. And here’s the Flickr set.

I thought we needed to widen the site format a little, so as to get more information in and bigger pictures of the yarn. So I’ve done that to the shop page, and will bring the rest of the site into line when I get chance. I’ve also added a fun little inspiration line to the colour description. It made me happy, I hope you like it too!

Please take note that we are having it at 8pm on Sunday, not the usual 7pm, for this week only.

See you then!