Baby Granpa Jacket

There is nothing like a baby knit for instant gratification. Not to mention SqueeNess!!! Could this be more cute?

It took 4 days from start to finish. I used the Baby Sophisticate pattern, and 2 skeins of Rowan Felted Tweed DK, held together to get gauge. I used nearly all the yarn.

This baby may be a boy or a girl, we don’t know, but I think this cardigan will work just fine for either. Imagine, with a little pair of jeans. How cute! 

I want to make a grown up version for Tony now, with leather elbow patches and football buttons.

Shop Update 25.09.11

Better late than never! The preview for this week’s shop update is now up, I hope you like it! I’m delighted to add another new yarn to our range this week.

Amelie: A cobweb lace weight yarn, made from 50% suri baby alpaca / 30% extra fine merino / 20% silk. 1300 yards (1200m) per 100g. £13.00 per 100g skein.

We’ve also got more of our delicious new tweed sock yarn, Erin, and the smooshy single ply merino DK yarn, Juliet, as well as lots and lots more! As always, the shop update goes live at 7pm Sunday, I hope you can be there with us. In the meantime, check out the shop preview, and the Flckr set for the full sized pics. Here is a screenshot of the full update.


We’re going to give our workroom a big fat makeover soon. Its not so pretty in there. It lets the whole house down. We chose functionality over form, and even so, its not as functional as we could wish. Its such a diddy little room, and has to perform several tasks, yarn storage, postal depot, office, craft room, spill over library. We’re going to pull out all the existing shelving, and build new, cubbyhole style on one side, open shelving on the other. A long worktop from one side to the other, long enough for yarn packing, for two people standing side by side, one selecting yarn, one wrapping it. Also enough space for my sewing machine at one end, and Tony’s laptop at the other, so that we can sit side by side and do our thang. Its going to have olive green walls and wooden shelving and tomato red accents and wonderful lighting, instead of the bare bulb (low energy at that!) that swings in there right now.

I’m excited. Can you tell I’m excited?


Ok. I’m a little better today. Normal temperature. Coughing less.

There will be an update this Sunday. But there may not be a preview until tomorrow. Depends how things go today. I may put a preview up without photos and just add those tomorrow. Watch this space.

Cat Report

Look at these handsome fellas. I’m in a running battle with them for my chair. They want it. I want it. The minute I get up for tea or the phone or to light a candle, they nip out from wherever they have been hiding, and take it. I gently suggest that the back of the chair is soft and comfy and big enough for a nap – they say, go on then, take it, but we’re staying put right HERE.

Squeak is so leggy and elegant and skittish. He stays thin by sheer nerves.

Pip is……….. tubby. His leg to body ratio is not in his favour. He hasn’t got Squeak’s hungry leanness. He is round and solid and cuddlesome. He spends most of the day trying to get on my chest, while I work on the laptop, in MY chair. As well as squashing the breath out of my lungs, this entails a supporting hand, holding him up off the laptop keyboard. He weighs 15 lbs. This is not sustainable. I usually manage 5 suffocating minutes before pushing him off. My keyboard is permanently full of cat hair. As is my bosom.

 Of course, today they get what they want. I have a fever of 101, I am in bed (and I hate being in bed in the day, so that shows you how sick I am). They have full posession of the chair.

Which means that they are sitting on my chest in bed instead.