Shop Update 17.07.11

This weekend is one of the UK’s biggest fibre shows – Knit Nation. I know a lot of people are attending, and if you are, I hope you have a fabulous time. We’re not jealous, those of us left behind, are we? No, not at all….. But for those of us who can’t attend, we’ve put together an especially luscious Posh shop update. That’ll teach them all to go have fun without us!

The preview is now up, so drop by and take a look. And don’t forget that our special limited edition shawl kits will be going up for sale next Wednesday night….. more on that to come early next week.

For now, here’s a screen shot of this week’s shop update. You can see the full Flickr set here.

Limited Edition Shawl Kit

I am delighted to be able to finally announce the details of the limited edition shawl kit that we are doing with the talented Asa Tricosa!

The design of Ifigenia makes me excited every time I look at it – it’s such an interesting shape, and looks like it will be a lot of fun to knit. And it’s beaded!!! I honestly can’t wait to start one of my own.

The yarn for the kits is being dyed this week by Tony, and we have decided to use my favourite lace weight yarn, Sylvia 2ply. It is the perfect shawl yarn, in my biased opinion! It has such good drape and a lovely sheen, and works well with beads.

We will initially be offering 100 kits, with the possibility of doing a few more if needed. You will be buying the yarn from us, and the cost of the pattern will be included in the kit price. You will then receive a voucher from Asa so that you can download the pattern from Ravelry.

The price of the kit is £15.00, plus £2.00 postage (for everyone). The only thing not included in that price is the beads – we decided that it would be better to allow you to select your own beads, since some people like to use complimentary coloured beads, and some prefer a contrast. There is also provision in the pattern for not using beads, if you would prefer not to.

The kits will be available in a special shop update on Wednesday July 20th at 8pm (GMT+1). There will be the usual shop preview beforehand, so you can browse the selection of colourways. Tony is dyeing them in batches of 5, so they are limited editions.

There Is Only One You

How would you like to eat only vanilla icecream for the rest of your life? Or wear only black clothes? Or live in a world without seasons and weather variations? Or have only one TV channel to watch, one store to shop in, one type of music to listen to?

All of us crave variation. So why are we so afraid of diversity among ourselves? Why has our world become so narrow? Why do our young girls want to look like Barbie? Why are we afraid to stand out as different, to have personal tastes that our friends don’t share, to walk our own path, to be unique? Why are we becoming homogenised?

I say, applaud diversity. The world would be dull to death if we all looked alike, thought alike, and acted alike. Be eclectic. Be unique. Be you. There is only one you. Don’t try to squeeze yourself into someone else’s mould. You are just the way you are because the world needs diversity. Represent. Be proud to be you.

There is only one you. Make sure you count.