Shop Update 27.02.11

Well, my friends, I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but as I write this, we are suffering yet another in a long line of dark grey days. It’s typical for the time of year, but I’m a bit sick of it! Despite the snowdrops and daffodils coming into bloom around us, Winter seems to be sticking around longer than I would like. So I thought I would brighten the gloom with a giant shop update this week, crammed with as much luscious colour as I could find. We’ve never done an update this big, I think! There’s a little bit of everything, something to suit all tastes, hopefully.

The shop preview is now up, and the update goes live at 8pm (GMT) on Sunday. Join us, and let’s see grey old February out with a bang!

Good Things

Some of the things making me happy lately……..

  • Snowdrops and daffodils blooming along our country lanes.
  • Planting seedlings in our garden (my first foray into gardening!).
  • Beeswax candles, for the scent and the light.
  • The Anthropologie sale.
  • Losing my insane sugar cravings (thank you, Venlafaxine!).
  • Getting back my sense of humour (ditto!).
  • Apple and cinnamon tea.
  • A lovely lunch on our 17th wedding anniversary.
  • Knitting the Fountain Pen shawl with tiny amethyst beads. My first beaded knit!
  • What Not To Wear with Lisa Butcher and Mica Paris. I like Mica.
  • Listening to old Lord Peter Wimsey adaptations from radio archive.
  • Watching the birds feeding outside our windows, especially our pair of robins.
  • Greek yoghurt with walnuts and honey. My new favourite snack.
  • A clean and tidy house, even in all the hidden nooks and cupboards.

Early Sunday Morning Shop Update

Ok, here is the Flickr set for this Sunday’s special early shop update. I’ve tried to select fresh bright colours for you lucky people who live in warmer climates! And you get the exclusive debut of our lovely new gold sparkle sock yarn, as well.

With this 7.30am update, if you are a customer who struggles with the current time slot of 8pm Sunday, feel free to participate, even if perhaps you aren’t located in one of the far off time zones mentioned in previous posts, Australia, NZ, etc. But this update is primarily for those customers who find the current time slot impossible to manage.

I’ve listed a slightly smaller amount than the normal shop update, because there will be fewer customers than normal, but there may be leftovers, and if so, I will leave the shop stocked throughout the day for all customers to browse and buy. But I am away from the computer from 9am-12.30, so I wont be around to update the shop front.

There is a link on the shop page to the sweater yarn preview page, and once the early shop update has sold out, I will move the sweater yarn preview to the normal shop page.

Happy shopping!!!

Sweater Yarn Update

So, this week we’ve got TWO shop previews for you! Here is the first one, the preview of the sweater yarn bundles which will be available on Sunday night. For the time being, the shop preview for this sale will only be available on this link, but I’ll probably move it to the normal shop page after the early update on Sunday morning.

As stated on the preview page, here at the details of this update:

The items in this shop preview will be available for purchase at 8pm (GMT) Sunday February 20th 2011. This is a special Sweater Update, listing bundles of sweater yarn that cannot be purchased in individual skeins. Each item will show you the maximum number of skeins available in that bundle – when you purchase a bundle, you will be reserving the entire amount of skeins in that colourway. Unless you want all of the skeins in that colourway, do not complete payment through Paypal, just complete Checkout. You can either email me to let me know how many skeins you actually want, or I will email you. I will then send you a Paypal request for the correct amount. Leftover skeins will be posted on a future shop update.

Here’s an overview of all the colourways, I hope you enjoy it!

I’m working on the other shop update now, the early morning Sunday one for far off time zone customers, and should have that up by the end of the day. I’ll show you more of that in tomorrow’s blog.