Shop Update 12.09.10 – Part I

I have to start today’s blog of with a round of applause for Tony. He has really outdone himself with this week’s colourways, the colour combinations are just genius. As I photographed them, I noticed that they were divided into two main themes – bright and light summer colours, and more muted and warm autumn colours. I don’t know if he did that on purpose, but it’s certainly perfect for this time of year!

As I write this, the weather is gorgeous, hot and sunny. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was the start of summer, not the end. So here are some summery picks from this week’s update:

Sylvia 2ply Wish You Were Here

Jeannie Second Nature

Martha Where Angels Fear To Tread

Martha Paradise

Martha Get Away From It All

Martha DK Teacup

Sylvia DK How High?

More autumnal picks tomorrow!

Hot Or Not

(I know Hot Or Not used to be my Wednesday thing, and Monday was reserved for musing, but what can I say, I’m living life on the edge…..)


  • Pilates. It’s back to class for me tonight! Never mind getting abs of steel, I’m hoping to be able to regain the ability to touch my toes.  
  • Walnuts in honey. Spooned generously over Greek yoghurt. This morning’s breakfast.
  • Watching Gilmore Girls, and realising that in just 5 weeks, we’ll be in our very own Stars Hollow.
  • Champagne. Had some on Friday, in a little celebration with friends, and mmm mmmm mmmmm.
  • Bara Brith. I made some for Tony yesterday, and it turned out spectacularly well.
  • Yellow roses, bought for me by Tony, for no particular reason. Just lovely.
  • Fried Halloumi. Yes, my love affair with cheese continues.
  • Olive. I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying this project, even though it’s mile upon mile of fine gauge stocking stitch. Miranda 4ply is a joy to knit with, it feels like therapy every time I pick the project up. I see more Miranda garments in my future. 
  • The end of the tourist season, everyone has gone home, the village is quiet again, the coastal paths deserted, the beach almost empty. I love that.


  • Hot soup burns. I put some in the blender, too much I think, and didnt hold the lid on tightly enough, and volcanic pea soup exploded all over me. And then later on, to add insult to injury, I burned my tongue with it.
  • Discovering that not one of your winter clothes fits any more, not even close. Initially, that discovery causes great rejoicing and woohooing, but then I realised how much money I spent last winter on my new wardrobe, and how much I loved it all. And then I did a little window shopping for replacement clothes, and ohmygoodness, I HATE everything in the shops this year. Argh!!
  • I think I’m starting another cold. Grrrrr.

Shop Update 05.09.10 – Part II

Martha Palm Springs

Elinor Date Night (this week’s cover shot)

Elinor Country Mouse

Elinor Back To School

Elinor Danger Ahead

Sylvia DK Teacher’s Pet

Sylvia DK You Are My Sunshine

Martha Aran A Man In Uniform

Martha Aran Songs Without Words

The shop preview is now up, see you on Sunday!

Shop Update 05.09.10 – Part I

I’ve never found it so difficult to pick my favourites as this week – picture heavy post coming up!

Sylvia 2ply Dainty

Sylvia 2ply Lovers Lane

Sylvia 2ply New Romance

Sylvia 2ply Something Borrowed

Diana 2ply Moon River

Diana 2ply Cloudless Sky

Sylvia 4ply I Know A Secret

Sylvia 4ply Across The Moors

Sylvia 4ply Best Bib & Tucker

More tomorrow!

Knitting Boredom

Something in my knitting plans has gone awry. Every single one of my projects (except the endless lace shawl, which I don’t even wanna talk about) is boring. Knit, knit, knit, knit, knit. Miles of mindless stockinette. Acres of dull ribbing. Where did it all go wrong? Let me show you. 

Olive. This was fun while I was knitting the striped yoke, but now I face an entire sweaters-worth of stocking stitch, in dark grey 4ply yarn. I’m sure it will be gorgeous when it’s done, and the yarn is a dream to knit with (Miranda 4ply), but really, what was I thinking??

Spey Valley Socks, for Tony. The detail on the cuff was great fun to knit, and I love turning a heel, but now I face a long foot of ribbing. Dull, navy ribbing. Ouch.

Alexandria. Love the yarn (Sylvia DK), love the pattern, and I’m this close to finishing it, but I’m on the dull plain sleeves section, and I’ve lost all interest in it. I really want to wear this to Fibre Flurry though, so I’d better get on with it.

Handspun socks. These socks were ground breaking for me. My first major project with my own handspun. My first time on 2 circs. My first time at knitting two socks simultaneously. My first time at toe up. All great fun. But now I’m on the leg of both socks, 3×2 ribbing. And I have enough yarn to make them knee socks. ARGH!!!

So, I have multiple project boredom disorder. Must. Not. Cast. On. Anything. Else. Must. Finish. Something.

However boring.