Shop Update 18.07.10 – Part I

I’m feeling very summery this week, so I’ve put togther a lovely breezy summery yarn selection for you! Just a quick note, before I show you some of my favourites: the sale will start an hour later than usual this week, at 8pm, not the usual 7pm. So, here are some of my picks!

Sylvia 2ply Park Lane

Sylvia 2ply O For The Wings Of A Dove

Sylvia 2ply A Star To Steer By

Sylvia 4ply Sound Of Silence

Sylvia 4ply Anne With An E

Elinor Brave New World

Elinor The Play’s The Thing (this week’s cover shot)

More tomorrow!

Hot Or Not


  • Herbal remedies. I started taking Dong Quai, because its supposed to help with painful periods, and it definitely did have some effect. Not enough to be able to do without painkillers altogether, but I didnt need to use as many strong ones as I usually do. And maybe it will have an accumulative effect over the months?
  • The Toast archive sale – up to 90% off!!!! It’s times like these that make me happy that I have stonking great size 8 feet – there are always shoes left over in my size!
  • Gluten free vegan chocolate zucchini muffins. These were gooooooood. I replaced the sugar with half as much agave nectar. They didn’t rise much, but they had a good moist crumb.
  • Could this family be any cuter???????


  • The new Knitty. Used to be that I would want to make half the patterns in an issue, but now it seems like only one or two call out to me, and the rest are…. meh. Still, I shouldn’t criticise too much, they are free patterns, and the whole thing is well put together.
  • Leaving home. We have to go away for a few days, and I’m really not in the mood to be away from home right now. I wish I was a snail, and could carry my house around with me. 
  • Bare feet. I hate, hate, to have bare feet, even in hot weather. But I have found that if I don’t have bare feet when spinning or knitting, even if I’m not especially warm, my hands get all sweaty, and the fibre/yarn gets all sticky and matted. So since I’m spinning and knitting all my spare time at the moment, my poor little feet are bare and chilly most of the time. I don’t know what I’ll do come winter!

Looking Ahead

Have you noticed that the autumn / winter pattern magazines have started appearing? We’ve only just passed midsummer! And already we’re planning our winter knits. Now, I know that it makes sense to do that with knitting, because projects can take a long time, so you may want to start your winter cable knit sweater in the summer, in order to finish it in time to get the most out of it. But I do wonder, is it also because it’s human nature to look ahead, rather than paying attention to right now? Is it a little bit because we all have the grass-is-greener spirit inside of us, making us want whatever season/situation we don’t currently have?

I notice distinct patterns in my reading throughout the year. In the summer, I like to read books about snowy cold climates, books on Alaska and wilderness living, whodunnits set in the bleak mid winter. In the winter, I like to read travel books set in the South of France, or Italy, or any place hot and sunny. And so on. When it’s hot, I wish it was cooler, when it’s raining, I wish it was sunny, when it snows, I wish it was summer again.

This seems to be the human default condition. Whatever we’ve got, we want something else. Everyone else’s life seems so much better and easier than our own. We think that if only this were different, or that was altered, we’d be happy. When, in fact, we’d probably only want it back again.

Why is it so hard to be content with what you’ve got, right now, right here? Why is mindfulness hard to accomplish? I read once that when you’re bored, it simply means that you have stopped paying attention to the here and now, and allowed your mind to wander forwards or back, anywhere but on the moment that is happening now. That makes sense to me. And explains why I get so easily bored!

But I still haven’t quite figured out how to overcome that dissatisfaction and distractedness. It’s tough, it fights against human nature. If we didn’t plan for the future, we simply wouldn’t survive. So it’s programmed into us to do so. The trick is learning to rein that in, so that it doesn’t overtake our enjoyment of whatever our life is right now.

That’s a trick I haven’t quite got figured out. If you have, then share it!

Shop Update 11.07.10 – Part II

Eva 4ply A League Of Your Own

Elinor Stop In The Name Of Love

Elinor Froggy Went A-Wooing

Elinor Secret Society

Sophia 6ply Monkey Business

Sylvia DK Beguiling

Sylvia DK I Need A Hug

The shop preview is now up – don’t forget to be here when the shop opens at 7pm on Sunday!

Shop Update 11.07.10 – Part I

I’ve changed the photograph setup again, gone back to natural light, to try to get the colours and shading more accurate. I hope you like it better this way. We’ve got lots of overdyed skeins this week, ones or twos that go back to be overdyed, and sometimes they are of our nicest colourways, I think! Anyway, here are some of my many picks from this week’s update!

Sophia 2ply Damsel In Distress

Sophia 2ply Red Red Rose (this week’s cover shot)

Daisy 2ply Take To The Hills

Sylvia 2ply Mrs Robinson

Sylvia 2ply Mysterious Ways

Sylvia 4ply Peasouper

Sophia 4ply You Do Something To Me

More tomorrow!