Neat Freak

I am. I’ll admit it. I’m a neat freak. I like a place for everything, and everything in its place. Shipshape and Bristol fashion. I cannot have any icons on my desktop. Or emails in my inbox (they all get filed in subfolders instead, so my inbox looks empty). I cannot take off my shoes and leave them there in a corner. I can’t watch a tv show or movie with a cluttered messy room without feeling a little nauseous. I like everything that I can see to be orderly, neat, and in its rightful place. The condition of cupboards worries me less – as long as the door is closed……………!!! Remember the Friends episode where Monica can’t sleep because her shoes are in the living room, out of place? That’s me. Can’t leave a messy room, no matter how tired I am. I even realised lately that the reason that I like watching snooker is because the players are basically tidying up the balls into the pockets……… yes, really.

Being a neat freak might seem to be a good thing. Cleanliness, orderliness, these are desirable traits, yes?

Well, yes and no. For one thing, not everyone shares my obsession with symmetry and order (you know double light switches and electrical sockets? the switches have to both be on or off, not one one way and the other the other. I’ll go upstairs in darkness rather than have 2 switches going the opposite way). Tony most certainly doesn’t, and while my neatness has rubbed off a little bit on him over the years, by no means enough to satisfy me. When he takes off his shoes, they stay right there, in the middle of the living room. I’m looking – no, glaring – at a pair right now. It drives me a little bit nuts.

But more importantly, the older I get, the more I experience life, the more I realise just how messy it is. People behave inexplicably, out of sequence, out of order. They have a disconcerting habit of stepping outside the roles you cast for them, outside of the neat little box you have filed them in. People let you down, behave irrationally, change. Relationships, in particular, are messy, especially family and close friends. And when you are a neat freak, and things get messy, well the inclination is to make a clean sweep of it, and dispose of the mess. But you just can’t do that when it comes to people you love. You have to learn to live with life no matter how messy it gets. You have to realise that human beings can’t be managed and organised into neat little compartments. You have to accept that other people want to live their lives in a different way to you, and that their way may be a whole lot messier than your own, and that’s okay.

But I still can’t live with those shoes right in the middle of my living room……


Shop Update 25.07.10 – Part II

Elinor Bazinga!

Daisy 4ply Slow Boat To China

Esme The Social Round

Esme Screwball

Miranda 4ply Method In My Madness

Sylvia DK Peter Pan

Martha DK Time Stood Still

The shop preview is now up, and we’re back our normal update time of 7pm this week – hope to see you then!

Shop Update 25.07.10 – Part I

Here are some of my favourites from this week’s update. It’s a big one!

Miranda 2ply Ella Sings The Blues (this week’s cover shot)

Miranda 2ply Sparks Fly Upward

Daisy 2ply High Society

Diana 2ply Concord

Sylvia 4ply Sitting On The Porch

Martha All The World’s A Stage

Martha Delovely

More tomorrow!

Lucky Clover Shawl

Where on earth did this week go?! Things are a bit hectic here at the moment, for various reasons, and I haven’t had much time for blogging. Sorry about that! But I wanted to pop in this morning to tell you about a lovely project that one of my customers designed.

It’s called Lucky Clover, and it uses 1 skein of Posh Yarn Elinor. I think it would also look gorgeous in Sylvia 4ply, Daisy 4ply, Miranda 4ply, or Martha.

The design is really appealing, simple enough for even a lace newbie, but with enough detail to keep it interesting. And to make it even more appealing, for the months of July and August 2010, the designer is donating $5 of the purchase price ($6) to Cancer Research UK to support her fundraising 10km Race for Life on 31 July.

Shop Update 18.07.10 – Part II

Elinor A Man Walks Into A Bar

Elinor What Would Lorelai Do?

Martha Grand Tour

Martha Have You Met Miss Jones?

Sylvia DK The More It Snows

Sylvia DK Green Eyed Monster

Sylvia DK We Were On A Break

The shop preview is now up – we hope to see you at 8pm on Sunday!