To Tell You The Truth…..

I have a pet hate. Ok, I have many pet hates. Many many.

But the one to which I am referring right now is when you are in conversation with someone, and they keep peppering their speech with, “to be honest with you” or, “to tell you the truth”. It’s only partly because habitual phrases irritate me (ya know what I mean?). Mainly it’s because when someone says that, I think to myself, so what are you telling me the rest of the time? Should I just assume that you are lying to me, unless assured otherwise?

(I sound like a Grumpy Old Woman today, don’t I? I feel like one, for some reason!)

What it comes down to is this: I can’t bear dishonesty. In any form. Verbal lies, deceitfulness, people who live double lives, false flattery, petty thefts and fraudulent behaviour, infidelity, unscrupulousness, the lot of it.

It’s not ok. Dishonesty is never ok. It’s unjustifiable. It’s insulting. It strips other people of their dignity, and wrecks lives. It’s cowardly.

I try to live up to my own standards by being as honest as I possibly can. The older I get, the easier I find it, especially in my relationships with other people. The wheels of society don’t have to be greased with white lies. We can get along perfectly well with each other by being upright and true and up front. Of course, honesty is no excuse for tactlessness or bluntness to the point of being hurtful. I’m sure we all know people who pride themselves on speaking their mind at all times, regardless of the feelings of others. I hope I’m never like that (although the older I get, the more often do I get the urge to be outspoken, which isn’t always indulged). I would like to think that all my friends feel as one did, who told me recently, “I always know that I can rely on you to tell me the truth about things”.

Because more often than not, honesty is not only the best policy. It should be the only policy.

June Cashmere Club

The June Cashmere Club parcel go out today!!! Normally I would tell you the name of the colourway, but I can’t this time because the name gives it away, and I know some of you like the surprise element. So I’ll just say that the name that inspired this colourway is my idea of heaven on earth. Especially at this time of year!! I’ll say no more.

The yarn is Eva 2ply, and you will receive the 2 skeins twisted up to look like one skein, as usual. The colourway is a solid, with some natural shade variation.

Here are some pattern ideas that I’ve found:

I hope you like it!

Shop Update 30.05.10 – Part I

Here are some of my favourites from this week’s yarn selection:

Valerie About A Boy

Valerie Grand Finale

Valerie Green Fingers (this week’s cover shot)

Eva 2ply Poseidon

Daisy 4ply Aridshaig

Daisy 4ply Cupid’s Bow

Daisy 4ply Keepsake

Hot Or Not


  • Evening swims in the sea. A cure for insomnia if ever there was one!
  • Newspaper bangles.
  • The Betsey books by Maud Hart Lovelace. If you love Anne of Green Gables, you’ll love these.  
  • Come Dancing shoes from Seychelles. I want them in red and in aqua.
  • Reading a whodunnit on a blanket in the garden. I don’t know why, but I especially love a good murder mystery in hot sunny weather. This one was a recent favourite.
  • Scarlet pedicures peeking out of summer sandals.


  • Slugs. I have a slug phobia. And now that Tony is gardening, he hates them with a passion equal to mine.
  • Prickly heat. And sun induced migraines. I don’t get on very well with hot weather.
  • Missing friends very, very much.
  • Summer traffic clogging up our sleepy little village roads.
  • Hair that is too short to put in a pony tail, and too long to be cool and off my neck.