Shop Update 13.12.09 – Part I

I’m so thrilled that we’ve got our gorgeous new cashmere yarns in time for the last sale of the year – I wanted to go out with a bang! And the new yarns are just beautiful, so luxurious, and so cleverly spun and plied. The 2ply lace weight is very soft and lofty and cloudlike, and will make the lightest warmest shawls and scarves and wraps. The 4ply sock weight is more tightly plied, and has a soft smooth handle. It will give terrific stitch definition and a very drapey fabric. I couldnt be more delighted with them. The details are:

Greta 2ply – 440 yards (400m) per 50g skein, £12.00, pure cashmere.

Greta 4ply – 220 yards (200m) per 50g skein, £12.00, pure cashmere.

So, without further ado, here are some of my faves!

Greta 2ply Nobility

Greta 2ply Sunburst

Greta 2ply Prowl

Greta 2ply Moonrise

Greta 2ply Brown Eyed Boy

Greta 2ply Saucy

Greta 2ply Vespers

Miranda Squire

Sylvia 2ply Satisfaction

More favourites tomorrow!

Tony Puts His Foot Down

The Scene:

The Posh Yarn living room. Posh Dee and Tony are twisting up the new cashmere yarn into skeins.

Tony: So what do you think of the new yarn then?

Dee: It’s incredible. Its so soft and smooshy. I want to keep it all.

Tony: (Silence)

Dee: But I won’t.

Tony: (Silence)

Dee: I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Tony: You have to tell me if there’s any colours you like.

Dee (forgetting that he always says this, and is really just fishing for compliments, gets excited): Why, can I pick out some for myself?

Tony: NO.

Dee: Oh.


Dee: I love this red one. Its so subtle and so rich.

Tony: I like that one too.

Dee: It would make the most beautiful shawl. I don’t have a red shawl. Everyone should have a red shawl in their life.   

Tony: No.

Dee: (pouts)

(Long silence)

Dee: I could just take some, and you’d never know about it. I’ll just take them and hide them.

Tony: I’ll do a stock count.

Dee: You know what? This is in the Bible! It says somewhere you shouldn’t muzzle a bull while it’s threshing!

Tony: Huh??? What’s threshing?

Dee: Ummmm. I don’t know. But you shouldn’t be cruel to animals and this is cruelty to humans.

Tony: (raises eyebrows)

Dee: (sulkily) Well it is.

(Even longer silence)

Dee: It’s good for business, you know, when I keep yarn. It’s important for promotional purposes that I knit with our own yarn.

Tony: But you don’t knit with it, you just stash it. That’s not good for any purposes.

Dee: Yes it is, it’s good for happiness. It’s a mental health purpose. It’s better than a prescription. You’re withholding medicine.

Tony: (sighs)

Dee: (in wheedling voice) Just one or two little skeins, just a few skeins. No one will even miss them. Just these 5 purple ones. Just…..

Tony: NO!!!

Dee: But-

Tony: (leaves the room)

Dee: But………….

The End. 


Happy Things

I loved Rachel‘s idea of listing things you like, or that make you happy, and adding to it regularly. Life is so busy that we lose the habit of appreciation, and that makes hard times even harder. So, here’s my current list of happy things:

Luxurious products for the bath/shower. I made an order from Arran Aromatics last week, which arrived yesterday, and mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m saving the bath oils and salts to christen the new bathroom when I get back from America, but in the meantime, I have to keep going back for a little sniff. I particularly like the Bay Rum bath/shower gel I got for Tony. It smells like old leather and cigars and tweedy jackets all rolled into one.

Old fashioned children’s books, such as Behind The North Wind, by George Macdonald. So cosy and sweet and comforting.

Fitting into a size smaller jeans!

And closely linked with that one, running. I’m nearly up to 20 minutes now of continuous running, which for someone who has been a couch potato all their life is pretty spectacular!!!

Lace knitting. Last week I picked up Mystic Waters, which had been hibernating since last Spring, and wow, I had forgotten how satisfying lace knitting is. It gives me the same kind of feeling I get when doing jigsaws…… !

My upcoming trip to America. Partly because I’m excited to visit a part of the US I’ve never been to (Michigan and Chicago), partly because I have two awesome travelling companions, partly because I miss my Plucky girl every day, and I can’t wait to see her, and partly because I’ve been working extra hard lately, and I really need a couple of weeks off.

And also because my lovely husband, while I’m gone, is renovating the bathroom! So when I come home, instead of having a dark grungy room that you want to spend as little time in as possible, I’m going to have a bright, light, fresh bathroom, with a big double ended bathtub, a relaxing haven. By the by, he had the chance to come to the US with us, but decided he would have more fun grubbing around in rubble and plaster dust. Bless him.

New purple shoes.

A gorgeous custom pendant that means I can carry my home everywhere I go.

How Do I Look? Does anyone else watch this? It’s fabulous!!!! 

My first cuddle with the cats in the morning.

The Cashmere Club. I’m still buzzing about that!

2010 Decisions

Can you believe that 2009 is almost over? I don’t know about you, but that year just went by in a blink. Next Sunday’s sale is our last shop update of the year, I’ll be closing down for the holidays from next week. (Don’t worry, we’re sending you out with a particularly splendid sale, including some of our delicious new cashmere yarns!).

I’ve been looking back over my knitting accomplishments through the year, and I’m a little disappointed. I’ve hardly finished anything, especially when you weigh it against the number of started projects. So, you know how they say you should do a wardrobe cull every year, and give away (or throw away) everything you haven’t worn in the last year? Well I applied that rule to my knitting projects. I assessed them all honestly, decided which ones I was never going to finish, and then either frogged them, or gave them away to friends and family to finish. That included the Noro blanket (so boring!), the scrap comfort shawl (which has been gathering dust for 3 years!), and the fair isle sweater (which turned out to be 12″ bigger on the bust than I actually needed, ahem).

That’s left me with just 4 works in progress: Tony’s Cobblestone, my cable sweater, mystic waters shawl (which I picked back up this weekend), and the handspun gift shawl. Now, here’s the real kicker. I have promised myself that in 2010, I’m going to practise a bit more monogamy in my knitting. I’m only going to allow myself to have TWO projects on the go at one time. One easy one, for tv knitting, and one challenging on.




Which means that I’ve got to finish 3 out of these 4 projects before I can even think about casting on anything new. Can I do it? Yes, I can!!! I just really hope that this method will bring a bit more productivity into my knitting.

So, when you look back on your knitting from 2009, what are you proud of, and what do you want to change for 2010?