Postal Strikes

As many of you know, there are postal strikes going on in various parts of the UK at the moment, with the possible prospect of a nationwide strike at the end of this month. This has already affected us a little bit, with reports of delayed parcels, especially in the London area. I want to assure everyone that we are looking into mail alternatives at the moment, and will do our very best to make sure that our customers aren’t badly affected by the strikes.

In the meantime, please bear with us if your parcel is a little slower getting to you than usual. We ALWAYS send orders out on the Tuesday after an update, and I promise that you can count on us for reliability, even if the rest of the world falls apart, lol.

Red Head

I felt like a change……..

What do you think?

This last one is more colour accurate – the others were taken indoors, which is why they aren’t very good. And finally, a bit of eye candy………

After seeing this photo, he wants to dye his hair too. I said NO.

On The Bookshelf

I’ve had a rush of book buying the last few weeks. I think it’s my version of squirrel nut-hiding. I’m preparing for Winter. It’s medicinal, really. Lol. Here are some of the books I’ve been enjoying recently:

The Grasmere & Alfoxden Journals – Dorothy Wordsworth – charming, and evocative.

Kilvert’s Diary – Francis Kilvert – intimate, entertaining, completely human.  

Jane & The Stillroom Maid – Stephanie Barron – the only Jane Austen spinoff (and I have read a LOT) that I have ever enjoyed, and enjoyed immensely. Very cleverly written, I look forward to reading the others in the series.

Georgette Heyer’s Regency World – Jennifer Kloester – hugely entertaining for Heyer afficionados.

And one that I did NOT enjoy, in fact only got about 20 pages into before throwing it down in disgust:

Chef’s Tales – Michael Saxon – crude, and quite frankly, unbelievable.

Next to be read is Making Conversation – Christine Longford. I’ll let you know what I think of it.