Shop Update 23.08.09 – Part I

I’m running a little late this week, what with one thing and another, so without further ado, here’s some of my picks from this week’s update:

Monique Great Lakes (the new camel/silk cobweb weight)

Claudia 2ply Currant Wine

Sylvia 2ply Bridal

Sylvia 2ply Tease

Diana 2ply Daredevil

Diana 2ply Skydive

Daisy 2ply Nonsense

Sophia 4ply Hosta

More tomorrow!

New Yarns

I’m always on the lookout for new yarns to add to the range, and we’ve got two new ones for you in this week’s update:

  • Monique, 50% silk / 50% camel, cobweb weight, 1750 yards / 100g, £13.
    (I only ordered 1kg of this to try, so there’s only 10 skeins, in one colourway)
  • Elinor, a really tightly spun (think Koigu) superwash 100% merino, sock weight, 365 yards / 100g, £12.

I wanted to show you some photos today, but I’m running a bit late this week, and won’t be doing the photos until tomorrow. So you’ll just have to hang on a bit longer!!!

Grumble Grumble

I ought to start this rant with a disclaimer: I know that everyone’s tastes vary. I know that my tastes are probably very old-fashioned. And I’m certainly not criticising anyone whose tastes are different to mine.


Why do all the good TV shows get cancelled? Every now and then I discover a wonderful show, sweet and funny, quirky and cozy, and then BAM! Cancelled. Men In Trees. Samantha Who. Cut down in their prime. And in their place, a million reality shows, plumbing the depths in a pretense at entertainment (has anyone seen the trailers for the new show, Dating In The Dark? I mean, really, could they scrape the barrel any more???). So many forensic crime shows. And all the soaps, brim full of screaming and abuse and misery.

And it’s not just TV. It’s incredibly hard to find a contemporary work of fiction that is enjoyable, uplifting, or gripping. The fluffier books are all carbon copies of each other. The more serious works are gritty to the point of being painful. And movies have gone the same way. Chick flicks are laughably predictable. And if you don’t enjoy comicbook/supernatural/vampire themed movies, it doesn’t seem like there is much choice left to you. Apart from the occasional period drama, which appears like an oasis in the desert.

But maybe it’s just me. I’ve always been out of step in my tastes. Old for my years. Boring, maybe. I’m almost afraid to discover new TV shows, because I’m like the death warrant for them. If I like it, then you can guarantee that it’s on its way out.  I guess I’ll just have to stick with my re-runs and DVDs, my old books…..


I’m thrilled with this yarn I’ve been spinning. It’s been a few months since I did any spinning, and I wasn’t terribly proficient then, so I thought my skills would have backslided a little bit in the meantime. But when I sat down at the new wheel I found that my fingers seemed to remember just what to do, and I was able to pick it back up right where I’d left off. Of course, it helps to have good fibre to work with.

This is Falkland, purchased from Felt Studio UK, and it was a dream to spin. I hoped it would end up as a sock weight, but when I plied it, it came out more dk weight, with 225 yards from 97g of fibre. I’m particularly pleased with how it plied, as it came out just how I wanted it, tightly plied so that the yarn is springy and bouncy.

My ultimate spinning goal is to spin enough yarn to knit a sweater. I have a few kg of undyed fibre here, waiting for Tony’s magic dyeing fingers, and in the meantime I’m trying to practise consistency in my handspun. I had the best day on Friday, I just sat and spun all day. Heaven. I sat there in the evening, watching Dragon’s Den, and I could still feel the tingle of the twist in my fingers.

Oh, one little tip I’ve discovered: some of you may have the same problem I had, of sweaty hands while spinning. I did a bit of research, because this was a huge problem for me last time I did any spinning, because my hands are always sweaty. And it turns out, if you spin with bare feet (normally I wear socks, I’m not a big fan of bare feet), you can go for hours and hours, even in the warmest weather, without your hands getting sweaty. Strange but true. If anyone else has any spinning words of wisdom, do share!