Two exciting little snippets of news:

  • I re-sat, and PASSED, my drivers theory test yesterday. Woo-hoo! I’m nearly a driver!!
  • I have managed to finish work on the new Cariad Yarn website, ahead of schedule, and the full site is now live. Have a look around, and tell me what you think of it!

I’ll have the first set of yarn previews from this week’s update, on tomorrow’s blog…..


May I have a little moan? As lots of you will already know, Tony and I love to go to the movies. We gave up on television a long time ago – now we only use our tv to watch dvds on – because there was never anything good on. I loathe and detest reality shows, and I doubly loathe and detest soaps, and that’s all that ever seems to be on. So instead, we watch favourite shows on dvd and go to the cinema to watch movies.

But I think we’re going to have to give movies up too. I can’t remember the last time either one of us enjoyed a movie, certainly not within the last year at any rate. I don’t understand what is happening to the media, they seem determined to dumb everyone down, to reduce everyone’s intellect and sense of humour to that of a 10 year old. Or maybe it’s just me. Because I sit there, and everyone around seems to find it hilarious when a character comes out with a string of expletives, or a dog humps a chair, or such like. 

Tony & I generally go to see different movies in the same cinema. He likes guy movies, I like chick flicks. It’s so much happier that way. On Saturday I went to see The Women, which is a remake of the classic 1930’s drama, starring Norma Shearer. I love that movie. Why did I go and see a remake – they are never anywhere near as good as the originals! I was hoping that it would be witty and clever, like the 1930s one was, but I was disappointed. It was dumbed down. And Meg Ryan took the part that Norma Shearer played in the original. Good lord above, what has that woman done to her face????? She looks like a blowfish with a bad wig. It’s horrifying in a compelling can’t-stop-looking kind of way.

But I digress. We both came out of our movies, disappointed, bored, disgruntled. And wondering if we were the only ones who felt that way about the majority of modern movies.

Knitty Inspiration

One of the treats that awaited me when I came home from France was the latest issue of Knitty. And what a treat! I think that this is the most exciting issue yet, so many wonderful innovative patterns. Some of my favourites include:

  • Twist & Shout – a beautiful jacket, flattering and clever, by my dear friend Robynn. 
  • Camden – how inspired, a sweater with detachable sleeves. So funky! Sarah, I can see you in this.
  • Versatility – this pattern made me bounce up and down in my seat. This has zoomed straight to the top of my to-knit list.
  • Slither – very Gothic, very Victorian, very cool.
  • OpArt – I’d been thinking about knitting a blanket, but hadn’t come across any that tickled my fancy. This one certainly does! 
  • Gardengate and Baroque – both of these sock patterns are tempting me back into the world of sock knitters.
  • Waves of Grain – this would be so pretty knitted up in a skein of Miranda.

So much casting on temptation. But I’ve already cast on a new project (and cast off an old one). More news of that another day.

The Secret……

Go here, then come back and I’ll tell you the full story……

(this is Zara & Gerd Cooze, who will be running Cariad Yarn, with Tony looking like Da Boss)

I’m thrilled to tell you about our new sister company, called Cariad Yarn. It will carry many of the yarns in the PY range, but deal exclusively with wholesale customers. Some of you may remember Zara, who helped me at Wonderwool, well she is in charge of the business, and Tony will be in charge of dyeing, but working with a team. Its very exciting for all of us, and I hope exciting news for you too, because it will provide a way for more knitters to get hold of Tony’s gorgeous colourways. And those of you going to Ally Pally this year may see Cariad Yarn there, since we are trying to fast-track an order for the lovely Alice at Socktopus in time for the show.

The full website should launch early in October, when you’ll be able to read all about the team, see what yarns we’ll be offering, etc. Until then, we’d love it if you mentioned Cariad Yarn to your local yarn store (wherever you are – we are planning world domination!). Spread the word!

(and for those of you wondering what the word Cariad means, it’s a lovely Welsh term of endearment, meaning love, dear one, beloved.) 



A Very Late Preview

Can you believe how late the blog is today? That’s how behind I am with work. Gah. So, I’m going to let the photos speak for me today, since I have a million and one things to do to get the shop update ready.

Miranda Monte Carlo

Miranda Mystic

Diana Heathcliff

Beatrice Tart

Arabella Fudge

Sophia 2ply Duchess

Eva 2ply Serenade

Isabella (silk DK) Truly

Laura Mentor

Lucia Veldt

Lucia Aurora

The full preview should be up later. I can’t wait for you to see it all!