I spent all day yesterday doing the photographs for this Sunday’s preview – now to put this in context, normally it takes me two hours to do all the photos, shoot and edit. However, I don’t mind spending a bit longer on them, after all, they are the most important part of the website. So I did test shots, checked them, adjusted the camera settings, repeat, repeat, repeat. Set up a new studio corner, tried out several yarn arrangements. Did more test shots. Got it so that it was fairly satisfactory (let’s face it, I’m always going to be my worst critic, and the photos will never be perfect enough). Shot the lot (and there was a lot of yarn). Started editing.

Sigh. Apparently, the D80 consistently over exposes. All the photos are bleached out. I so want to re-do them all, but I really haven’t any more time to spare. I’ll just have to do my best with photo editing, and learn from it for next time.

Anyway, this means no sneak peek of this week’s yarn until tomorrow, since I haven’t edited the photos yet. Pity, since we have some really superb yarn for you this week. I’ll squeeze out a couple of preview pics, just to keep you going:

Sophia 4ply Popsicle

Lei Palm Beach 


Lucia Boisterous


I’m not very good at keeping secrets. No, wait, let me qualify that. I’m good at keeping other people’s secrets. But not so great at keeping my own. Especially exciting secrets. I like sharing, not keeping things close to me.

However, sometimes secrets are necessary. Especially when they concern exciting new business developments. So much as I would like to share my news with you, I can’t do yet. Not yet.

But soon…….

Cats & Camera

I am so in love with my new camera. I must say though, I know absolutely nothing about photography, film or digital, so I have a very steep learning curve ahead of me. I’m toying with the idea of taking a course, if I can squeeze it in.

I experimented with the camera a little bit over the weekend, and although I was dissatisfied with the results, I can see that the fault lies with my ignorance, rather than with the camera, which is an absolute joy to use. Already, though, I have a long list of must buy extras for it, such as tripod and external flash unit. Yes, I must have them, even though I don’t know how to use them. Suddenly knitting seems like a very cheap hobby!

Here’s one shot I took of my little Pipkin. The room was rather dark, so a lot of the shots came out a little blurred, since I wasn’t using a tripod, but this one is lovely and crisp.

These other shots aren’t quite as nice, they are all over exposed and the white balance was all wrong, but I think you’ll want to see them all the same, since they record a memorable moment in the Posh household:

Yes! They snuggled together! Jaffa even licked Squeak’s face for him.

Of course, me snapping away woke them both up, and Jaffa had a good old hiss before stalking off to the other sofa for the rest of his nap. Still, it was nice while it lasted. And it’s all progress.

We’ve had lots of cat drama here over the last week: the kittens were neutered last Monday, but it wasn’t straight forward for Squeak, who had to have quite a drastic operation. Poor sweetie, he had to wear a cone collar for the rest of the week, since he had two incisions in his abdomen, and we had to stop him licking and pulling at the stitches. He’s all better now though, thank goodness. However, the vet has told us to put them both on a diet, as they both have squidgy bellies. Bless ’em. How can anyone resist a pleading face like this?