Yarn Candy

I am so tempted by this week’s yarn selection. Can’t I just keep it all for me?

Eva 2ply Peasouper

Eva 2ply Alchemy

Sophia 4ply Dramatic

Sophia 4ply Sojourn

Eva 4ply Sprite

Eva 4ply Wand

Eva 4ply Jelly Beans

Lei Richlieu

Lei Fizgig

Laura Key Lime

Laura Trade Winds

The shop preview is now up. Don’t forget tonight’s shop update is an hour later than usual – 7pm UK time. See you then!

The Kittens Are Here!!

My apologies to everyone who was waiting to see photos of the new babies yesterday. Although we got them on Sunday, they’ve been in hiding ever since, so its been difficult to get any photos. They are very sweet, but very timid. If you are sitting still they come out and climb onto you, but as soon as you move, they dive back for their hiding place. They seem a bit more confident today though, so hopefully they’re getting used to us and to the new house. Jaffa is completely hysterical, won’t even come into the house, just sits on the windowsill and hisses through the glass at them. Poor old thing. We’re not pushing it, just being patient with him and them. Anyway, here are some photos, excuse the poor quality, but they don’t stay still for long, so its dfficult to get a good shot!

I know we said we’d settled on names – Oscar & Django – but now we’ve got them, those names don’t seem to fit. We toyed with Bert & Ernie, but I’m not sure that’s right either. I think we need to live with them for a bit longer before naming them. Suggestions are still most welcome though!!

Yarn preview tomorrow……


I’m taking advantage of the fact that there is no update this Sunday to have a much needed break from work. When you love your job, it’s very easy to overwork, to let it spill over into your leisure time. But no matter how much you may enjoy what you do for a living, sometimes you have to put it aside to actually do a bit of living. So if I seem quieter than usual, that’s why. Instead of sitting in front of the computer and working, I’m off kicking up my heels. It feels good!! 

One Off Wednesday

Do you remember One Off Wednesday? Back in the days when we had a regular colour range, we started doing the occasional update on a Wednesday of yarn that was a one off colourway. Its where our Sunday sale idea originated. I know lots of you would still prefer our updates to be on a Wednesday, so next week, we’re doing one just for you.

There won’t be a shop update next Sunday (18th May), as we are away for the weekend (going to pick up the new kittens!). Instead, we will be doing a Wednesday update, for those of you who find it difficult to make a Sunday. The update will be Wednesday 21st May at 7pm. The next Sunday shop update after that will be Sunday 1st June.

Got that? Good! I’ve saved some scrummy yarn for you, so don’t miss it!

The Eye of Faith

I saw a little plaque outside someone’s house yesterday. It read, “A garden is made with love and patience.” I like that. Even though that particular garden would have needed more than love and patience to make it pretty, since it was an overgrown square of weeds with plenty of rubbish scattered around. (I can only assume the plaque had been left there by a previous tenant, or perhaps it was a gentle hint from a friend?)

Anyway. I thought it was a good motto to adopt for our garden. I’m not the most patient of people, but you can’t be impatient with a garden, there are no real quick fixes. I think gardening also needs another quality – faith. One wise man once described faith as “the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.” When I look out of my window now, I see a messy piece of ground, half dug over, half under straggly grass. But I don’t really see that at all, because I’m looking at it with the eye of faith. I see vegetable beds overflowing with goodies, a luscious herb garden scenting the air, beds stuffed full of gorgeous flowers, fruit trees bending low under the weight of their fruits, a rustic pergola dripping with wisteria blossoms, under which we sit and enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

Of course, that’s all a long way away, and there’s lots of digging and planting and waiting before that will be a reality. Luckily, when you have the eye of faith, you don’t mind how much hard work you put into something, because that end result is firmly fixed in your mind’s eye.