We’re Having Kittens!

Literally, or metaphorically? Uh, both. Preparations for the show are getting a bit frantic, since there’s so much left to do and we don’t have much time to do it in.

But also, we’re having kittens literally! Here are the two little cuties, who we should be getting in about three weeks time. I. Cannot. Wait.

Yarn, Yarn, Everywhere!!

Hello my friends,

This blog comes to you from a house that is FULL of yarn. We
have yarn upstairs, yarn downstairs, yarn outside, yarn on the
kitchen table and stove, yarn in the bath, yarn just about anywhere
that yarn can be crammed.

And yet, in an ironic twist that would have been appreciated by the
Ancient Mariner (water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink),
none of this yarn is for the Posh Yarn shop. It’s all for the trade
show we are doing next weekend, Wonderwool Wales. Our yarn order came
a little late, so we are racing against the clock to get it all done
in time for the show.

Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be able to do a shop update
this week (and of course, we won’t be here for one next week either).
I was hoping I could still fit one in, because I hate to let you all
down, but it’s just not going to be possible. I’m so sorry!

So, our next shop update is scheduled for May 4th, two weeks from
this Sunday. Save your pennies for it, because its going to be a good

Now I must dash, because Tony’s brother has moved hospitals today, to have his angiogram, and we need to be there, so off we must rush!

Feel the Love

Mmm, Swallowtail, how much I do love you.

It’s quick, its easy, its gorgeous. I plan to make a thousand Swallowtails, in every yarn combination that there is. Everyone I know will have a Swallowtail to wrap round their shoulders.

Have you felt the Swallowtail love yet? No? What’s stopping you?! Join us!!

Spin Me Round On A Sixpence…..

I went for a walk yesterday – I try to do some form of exercise every day now, which I think is the reason why I’m feeling really, really good – and had quite the adventure. I was only going to go for a little walk, because I have a cold, which is sucking all the energy out of me. So I walked to the beach, which is about a mile away, and it looked so pretty down there, the sand all white, and the sea a sparkling turquoise, that I thought, “I’ll walk across the beach too.” So I did that – and isn’t walking on sand hard work? – and at the other end of the beach is the footpath that takes you around Bosherston Lily Ponds. If you walk around the lily ponds, it brings you out at the other end of the village, and you can walk back through the village to my house. Its about 2.5 miles in total, the whole circuit.

The sun was shining, and if I turned back and went back across the beach and back the way I’d already come, I’d have to tackle the 25 million steps up from the beach, so I thought, what the heck, I’d walk round the lily ponds and back home that way. About halfway round the ponds, there’s a signpost, and two paths. One finger says, “Bosherston Village”, the other says, “Alternative Route”. I always take the first one, so I thought I’d take the alternative route for a change. I was pretty tired by that point, and I was kinda hoping the alternative route would be a shorter one.  

The path wandered up between trees, and there were violets and primroses growing either side of it, and it was just gorgeous. It seemed to go on for quite a long way, but I thought maybe it just seemed that way because I was tired. Then the path stopped abruptly, at a gate leading into a large field. Hmm. I was a bit concerned, but I spotted some roofs in the distance, so I headed across the fields towards those. I figured if there were houses, there would be a road, and I could walk back along that. I couldn’t quite tell where I was going to come out, but I thought it would be the very far end of the village.

I walked, and I walked, and I walked. I got to the houses, and there was no road. Just these houses, stuck in the middle of nowhere. I looked around me, to try to get my bearings, and spotted the spire of Bosherston Church. Way, way over there, in the opposite direction to which I’d been heading. Argh! I knocked on the door of one of the houses, and thankfully someone was in. I told her my predicament (feeling very stupid – “I live in the village, and I’ve managed to get myself lost!”) and she broke it very gently to me. I’d walked, across country, all the way to the next village. There was no way to get back to Bosherston from there. Except retracing my steps and going right back to the lily ponds.

I tell ya, by the time I got home I thought I was dying. I’d walked a good 5 miles. I didn’t know which hurt more, my feet, or my abs (which got a seriously good workout in Pilates on Monday). I was in bed by 9 and asleep by 10. That’s the last time I’ll take an ‘alternative route’. I’m one of those people who get lost really easily (“spin you round on sixpence”, my mum says, “and you’d be lost”). On Saturday I managed to get us hopelessly lost in Cheshire, where we’d gone to look at Burmese kittens. Four times we went round the Chester ring road, trying to get home. We did 90 miles before we managed to get away from the town where the breeder lived. But that’s a whole other story….


Did you know that traditionally, April 15th was considered Swallow Day, in Britain? Apparently, the swallows arrive back in this country from their winter in the South around this date every year – at least, they used to. With the strange weather we get nowadays, they often appear sooner – we saw some flying past our window a good couple of weeks ago, during the snowy period, and there is one family of swallows, at least, in this area who didn’t migrate at all this year.

Anyway, since today is Swallow Day, we thought it would be the perfect date to start our Swallowtail KAL. If you are on Ravelry, come along to Posh Knitters and join in. If not, you can still join us in knitting this beautiful shawl. I’m making mine in some Eva 2ply I swiped a few weeks ago, in a beautiful Spring green. I’ve been really looking forward to this project – which I’m hoping to finish quite swiftly (!) as a gift. Photos later in the week! Oh, and in perfectly serendipitous timing, Knitting Daily have published it in their top five patterns, as a freebie! You can find it here.

Those lucky enough to score yarn in this week’s sale (yes, I know, it has become quite the scramble) should start to look for it arriving from tomorrow, as the post goes out this morning.