Quick Update

I probably should mention to you now that there won’t be an update NEXT Sunday (March 2nd). Our supplier has been a little late in sending yarn to us, so we’re taking the opportunity to get a wholesale order done for Woolgirl. (For those wondering, we only supply two stores now, The Loopy Ewe & Woolgirl – we don’t really have time for wholesale, but these two are old customers, so we squeeze their orders in a couple of times a year).

So make the most of this week’s update!

Do Not Adjust Your Sets!

Every week when I do the yarn photos, I look out for a theme in the colourways. Tony always tries to do a wide variety of colourways, to suit everyone’s taste, but I can still often pick out a general theme, running through many of the colourways. And if I had to sum it up in one word this week, that word would be COLOUR! Glorious, bright, cheerful, Technicolor. Look!

Eva 2ply in Gooseberry

Eva 4ply in Bite Me

Sophia 4ply in Lemoncello

Sophia 6ply in Party

Laura in Disco

Laura in Palm Leaf

Eva 4ply in Electric

Of course, as well as all this brightness, there are plenty of deep subtle colourways, as well as some pretty soft pastels. But don’t take my word for it, go and look at the preview. Yes, it’s up! Go!!


This week I finally got round to installing a stat counter on the blog, so I could see how many readers I had. Well, it turns out there’s a lot more of you than I realised! You’re a quiet bunch, aren’t you, shy little things preferring, for the most part, to lurk, rather than comment! Not that I blame you; I rarely comment on the blogs I read, either. Still, it’s nice to know how many of you pop by each day. The stats make you seem…… realer. Hello, you! *waves*

Recently, I started a gratitude journal. It’s so easy, when you’re struggling with stress and strain and mood problems, to focus in on yourself, to the exclusion of everything else. It can be hard to do anything but that, sometimes. The gratitude journal is designed to help me look outside my own struggles, and to notice and be thankful for the bright spots that are to be found in the darkest of days.  

Some of the things that made it into the journal this week:

My electric blanket; frolicking lambs; my wonderful cleaner; the humour of Betty Macdonald; a husband who sings while he works (and will no doubt be singing even more after this concert we’re going to); the NHS (yes, really!); my mother; you, my lovely customers; hair that is finally (after two years) long enough to put up; having my best friend home after her being away for a month; sparkly red shoes; my gorgeous cats.

Speaking of which, how does he do this??!!  

And look at this lovely shot, my boys in their favourite place:

I wish there was room in there for me too! Yarn pics coming up tomorrow, and I can’t wait for you to see them!!

Everyone’s Knitting!

Thank you all so much for your anniversary wishes! We started the day off right, with buckwheat pancakes, maple syrup, bacon, and eggs. After that it was just an ordinary workday, but that was ok, we like our work, and we were together! Our anniversary gift to each other sits outside the house, a bruised and battered boat, but Tony should have her fixed up by Spring.

Now, you might be forgiven for thinking that very little knitting goes on at Posh HQ. Well, I’ll admit, there’s not as much as I would like. But I do manage to find a little time each day to work on my projects. It’s just that neither of them are very photo worthy at the moment. The Mountain Peaks shawl is progressing at a snail’s pace, I think because I’m not used to lace knitting where you knit pattern on the purl rows, not just purl. I’m about halfway through the first chart, and enjoying it, even if I can only manage a few rows at a time before my brain rebels.

And the seamless sweater is way too boring to blog about. I’m just past the waist, and have done the chest increases, and I must have miscalculated, because instead of coming out with a 40″ chest (for me) I’ve come out with a 46″ chest. Ah well, it was originally intended for Tony, so I guess he’ll get it. We’ll see. Mile upon mile of dull stocking stitch stands between me and that decision.

But since I don’t have any interesting knitting to show you, I thought I’d share some of the lovely customers knits that I’ve seen recently. These all come from the Posh Knitters Ravelry group, so I’ve used the Ravelry user name for each knitter. Sorry if you aren’t on Ravelry yet; I have linked to each pattern at their original source, if that’s any consolation.

Saartje’s Booties in Lucia Starboard by Persephone

Embossed Leaves Socks in Lucia Leap by MandellaUK

Rainbow Firestarter Socks in Lucia Rainbow by fbz (see more here)

Green Rib & Cable Socks in Emily Clover by clb

Embossed Leaves Socks in Lucia Vixen by CharleyFarley

Koolhaas Hat in Emily Camouflage by CharleyFarley

Baby Cable Rib Socks in Emily Peasouper by muppetmummy

My thanks to all these knitters, for first of all pairing our yarns up with these patterns, to such success, and secondly for allowing me to use their photos on the blog. Round of applause, ladies and gents, if you please!

Wedding Day

Fourteen years ago today. Fourteen long years, with many beautiful days, many difficult days, many days of tenderness and comfort and harmony.

Fourteen years ago today, I was waking up on my wedding day. I was eighteen, very young, and my wedding dress had had to be taken in by hand because my waist was so tiny.

I wasn’t a bit nervous, not a bit, and I couldn’t understand why everyone kept asking me if I was. Why would I be nervous? How could I feel anything but joy? I remember how calm I was, in the whirling storm of everyone else’s rushing and arranging.

I remember my father, standing on the hem of my dress as we entered the hall, and me turning and snapping at him. I’m sorry for that now. I never snapped at my daddy, so perhaps I was a little nervous just then.

I remember him crying during the ceremony, and Tony crying a little too, and how embarrassed I was, and how hard I willed them to dry up and be calm.

I remember the photographs, how cold and foggy it was, how everyone shivered during the outdoors photographs, and how warm I felt, even in my sleeveless dress. I remember how easy it was to smile for the cameras, no matter how long it took, nor how many photos they snapped, because I was so happy.

I remember the food at the reception, how good it was, how much everyone enjoyed themselves, and how hungry we were because we were too busy talking to everyone to eat anything ourselves.

I remember the quiet later, when we’d left the reception and were on our own for the first moment that day. I remember every single minute, every single second.

Fourteen precious years. Not a moment too long, my love.