Sneak Peek No. 2

Oh, I love, love, love the colours this week. And I’m not the only one. Heather came over, fell in love at first sight with a particular colourway, and stole three skeins. She’s new to knitting, but its never too soon to start them on the good stuff, is it? Mwah ha ha…..

(Sophia 4ply in Intrigue)
(Lucia in Glimpse)
(Lucia in Currant)
(Lei in Mermaid)
(Laura in Scheme)
(Helena in Highland Mist)
(Helena in Linger)

Three cheers for me, I’m so organised this week that the preview is already up! And I’m putting together a few pattern suggestions, like last week, so check back tomorrow for those. Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Sunday, my loves.

Sneak Peek No. 1

It’s going to be one of those weeks where it’s really difficult to pick which yarns to highlight on the blog. I can see two distinct themes emerging from the range of colourways. The first one is more autumnal tones, with soft misty greens and browns, reminiscent of moorland, rustic tweed jackets, and misty lochs. The second is more wintery, with deep berry tones of reds and purples. As I’ve mentioned, we’re bringing back some of the yarns you loved last winter, including Cecilia (cobweb weight 50% cashmere/50% silk), Beatrice (lace weight 50% cashmere/50% silk), and Arabella (lace weight 30% cashmere/70% merino).

We’re also doing more chunky yarns, perfect for whipping up quick hats and scarves, and there’s a few of those this week. But the majority of this week’s update is lace weight and sock weight, so I think we’ll feature the lace weight today, and the sock weight tomorrow. Here are some of my favourites:

(Beatrice in Discreet)

(Beatrice in Fervent)

(Arabella in Beetle)

(Sophia 2ply in Meander)

(Cecilia in Folly)

(Arabella in Scuffle)

(Eva 2ply in Camouflage)

More tomorrow!


Could you please keep your voices down – I had my ears syringed yesterday. Now not to gross you out, but I had entire ecosystems in each ear. Seriously, David Attenborough should have crawled in there and done an expose. Its a wonder I wasn’t entirely deaf. Although I’m beginning to think I must have been going deaf long before last week’s swimming debacle. Because now, everything is LOUD.

Really, amazingly, uncomfortably loud. I would like to think that Tony is winding me up by shouting every time he speaks to me, but the cats sound like they are shouting too, and they don’t tend to tease, so I suppose its just my hearing. The computer keyboard is deafening, the swish of my pyjamas as I walk around sounds like scrunchy plastic bags, the cars going past on the road at the end of the garden seem to be driving through my house, and I woke up this morning to the birds screaming outside my window. It’s a loud, loud world, people.

(First lot of yarn preview pics coming tomorrow, with the reintroduction of some more old favourites, including Arabella, our cobweb weight cashmere/merino.)

Fair Isling on Planet Dee

So, I find that I have developed a new knitting style – Feast or Famine. Some days I don’t touch my needles, other days I shove everything else aside and knit furiously for hours. Does anyone else do this? I suspect it has something to do with knitting Fair Isle; seeing the design emerge row by row is rather addictive, isn’t it, Michaela?

I’ve completed both sleeves on Tony’s sweater, and am zipping up past the armholes of the front. Even though there are lots more stitches to the front than the sleeves, I’m finding it faster because there is no shaping involved, so the chart is easier to follow. I’m determined to have the front finished this month, and the back done in November, so he has a good chunk of winter to wear it in.

(For fellow colourwork addicts, here’s the money shot:)

And I’ve settled on my next project: a cable knit sweater for the Mr, from a Rowan Classic book, knitted in undyed Amelia (merino/alpaca dk, which is a lovely biscuity colour undyed). That is, assuming that this one breaks the current sweater curse.


(Let me apologise in advance for this post, since there must be some of you out there who, like me, are getting awfully sick of me being sick. Come back tomorrow, I’ll have knitting pics for you instead.)

So, you’ve got to appreciate the fine sense of irony that pervades life. Last week, Tony couldn’t stop coughing because of the cold he’d had, and I wasn’t feeling all that fantastic (I think that my immune system has finally had enough, and it’s packed up its bags and walked out) so we went to a local health club and took a sauna. Tony’s a big fan of saunas, the idea being that you sweat all the toxins out of your body. Well, he sweats them out, I just glow.

Anyway, after the sauna, we went for a little swim, feeling all healthy and virtuous for taking such good care of our bodies. And I got a little tiny bit of water in my ear, which promptly blocked up. So I went online, and googled how to get water out of your ear, and one of the suggestions was to pour a little more water in your ear, wait a couple of seconds, then tip your head the other way. Yes. I did. I poured water into an ear that already had water in it. Sometimes I surprise myself with how clever I am, but more often I surprise myself with how dumb I am. Of course, you’ve already guessed it. The water went in, and did not come out. I’ve been totally deaf in that ear ever since. And now, I have an ear infection, and I feel really grotty. Grotty, and very stupid.

Feel free to agree, I won’t hear you anyway. 

(PS. This officially uses up my illness moaning quota for the year. So whatever else I get – Ebola, leprosy, smallpox – I promise to suffer in silence.)