Paying the Piper

Alas, why is it so often the case in life that you must pay for pleasure with pain? Beautiful shoes nearly always hurt your feet, a few cocktails too many and you get a nasty hangover, and a holiday must be followed by lots of catching up. Even a one day holiday.

(Mind you, it was totally worth it, I had so much fun. Coffee drinking, and shopping for tea sets, and eating chocolate fondue, and playing Cranium, and laughing, laughing, laughing.)

Today, I pay the piper. I’m dreadfully behind, the yarn that should be twisted into neat little skeins and labelled, is still in two unruly piles on the coffee table. It’s a very boring job, twisting hanks into skeins, and I usually listen to an audio book while doing it, but I’ve just finished my last one (The Vicar of Wakefield, wonderful) and although I’m overdue credits on my Audible account, they haven’t appeared yet, so I have nothing to listen to.

And to add insult to injury, Tony has been doing this wacky diet called The Warrior Diet, and nag, nag, nagging me to try it because he says it’s giving him loads of energy. I don’t approve of diets in general, but anything that gives me more energy is worth a try, since I have as much as a sloth right now, and besides which, Tony has his Masters in nagging. So today, I’m trying out this stupid diet which basically means you can only eat one meal a day, and the rest of the time you can only have raw fruit, veg, or nuts. Now I’ve always been a real breakfast person, no cup of coffee and dry toast for me, thank you very much. So this is really going against the grain. However, we’ll see how it goes. Maybe by the weekend I’ll be sprinting round the village. Or maybe I’ll be eating my sofa.

Other joys this morning have included the fridge suddenly developing a powerful and inexplicable smell, which had me on my knees cleaning it at 8 am (that DID help with the breakfast cravings, mind you), one of the cats being sick, the power cutting out every time I try to use my kettle, and the discovery that while I was out kicking up my heels yesterday, Tony dripped black dye all through downstairs, and then scrubbed the carpet, transforming the small black spots into large grey stains.

However, all is not bad. I have the lamps lit and the fire crackling, so everything feels delightfully cosy. And even if I can’t listen to an audiobook, there’s plenty of podcasts I can download to help pass the time while I twist skeins. I’m just sorry that I have no photos for you today. There’ll be plenty to make up for it tomorrow, I promise.

Out & About

I’m having a purely self indulgent day today – getting my hair cut this morning, then going off for lunch and shopping with some girlfriends, and finishing up with food and trashy tv back at one of our houses. Hope your day is as much fun!! Yarn preview no. 1 coming tomorrow……..

Smitten with Mittens

Thank you so much, everyone who took the time to comment yesterday. I really enjoyed reading about your favourite projects, and I’m sure everyone else enjoyed it too. Now it’s my turn.

I made these mittens two years ago, while taking a few months break from work. I designed them myself, which sounds clever until I tell you that the colourwork design came from a book on Scandinavian colourwork. But I was still pretty proud of them, I can tell you!

Until I started the palms of the second mitten, and realised that somehow, I’d done the palm design completely different for each mitten. But hey, that makes ’em unique.

Last winter we went to stay with family, and I took my mittens with me, and when I got home there was only one mitten in my suitcase. Disaster! My sister-in-law couldn’t find the missing one in her house, so I assumed I’d dropped it on a walk somewhere. I was devastated, as only a knitter would understand. I kept the other mitten for a while, and then thought “What’s the point in having one mitten?” and threw it away. Or so I thought…….

Months later we went back to stay with my sister-in-law and she triumphantly produced the missing mitten, which had been hiding under the wardrobe all that time. Gah! If only I’d kept the first one! But I knew I’d thrown it away, I could remember doing it. I think the knitting elves intervened at this point, because to this day I’m convinced I threw that solitary mitten away. But when I looked in my chest of drawers, there it was, waiting for its mate. Mittens reunited.

Don’t you love a happy ending? I haven’t had a chance to wear them since, because it hasn’t been cold enough. I hope the temperature starts to drop soon, I want to give these pretty babies an outing.

Your Turn

I’m a little tired today, and brain dead too. What I really want to do is sit in front of my fire (we’re burning apple wood at the moment, and it smells divine) and knit, and read an old whodunnit, and eat Galaxy with almonds. But your parcels will not pack themselves, so I must tear myself away from the fire and get to work.

But you’re going to help me out today. I’m turning the blog over to you for the day, and I want you to tell us about the knitting project that you’ve enjoyed the most. Not necessarily your favourite knit, because I have a sweater that I love to wear, but hated knitting. No, I want to hear about the one you enjoyed knitting the most, what it is, and why you enjoyed it so much. And tomorrow I’ll tell you about my favourite, and show you some photographs. To work, blog writers!

Pattern Ideas

  • Swirl Socks in Lucia Rubaiyat
  • Chevron Mitts in Helena Linger
  • Mad Colour Socks in Emily Rampage
  • Fingerless Gloves in Helena Highland Mist
  • Dimple Socks in Sophia 6ply Senza
  • Cable Scarf in Sophia 8ply Swoon
  • Cheshire Cat Stole in Beatrice Discreet
  • Seafoam Scarf in Sophia 6ply Gentle
  • Sunday Market Shawl in Sophia 8ply Lush
  • Bear Claw Scarfette in Lei Mermaid
  • Clementine’s Baby Kimono in Lei Peachy
  • Candle Flame Shawl in Baby Lucia Phoenix
  • Hedgerow Socks in Sophia 4ply Muse
  • Finestra Scarf in Eva 2ply Azul
  • Orenburg Style Shawl in Arabella Ruby Slippers