The Ugly…..

So, this was the plan. I would go away with my friends, for 10 days. While I was gone, Tony would completely gut the bathroom, and put in everything new. It was only a tiny room, he would have help, it would take 4 days, tops (that was his opinion). It was only a tiny room, he would have help, but based on painful recollections of the bedroom and kitchen projects (still both unfinished, mind you!) I suspected it might take longer than the 10 days.

Now who do you think was right?!

That bathroom bugged me from the day we moved into the house. It was tiny and dingy, with the smallest window looking out onto the ugliest part of the back yard. A previous tenant had had the delightful idea of painting the walls a deep azure blue, which really brought out the chilly aspect of the room, which never got any sunshine. The suite was old and ugly. The floor was old and ugly. IT HAD TO GO. 



Tony took these before photos part way into the project. I only wish I had some after shots to show you – but the bathroom is still not finished. It’s getting there! It’s better than it was when I got home from the airport! But it’s still a ways from being done.

But even unfinished, it looks fabulous. You’d never think it was the same room. The old suite has been ripped out, and a new posh one put in its place. The window has been boarded up, and two roof windows installed. The walls have been panelled, the slate flooring laid. It’s almost to posh to wash in. I can’t wait to show you it finished! Tony says next week sometime, so I’m thinking around August, maybe???

Shop Update 09.08.09 – Part I

My apologies for being so quiet this week. It’s been a slightly trying week, what with one thing and another. I’ve been ill, on and off, so have been doing a bit of work, resting, doing a bit of work, resting. And we had no staff to help us this week either, due to illness (not the same kind!) so I’ve had more to do than usual. Imagine, I had to do the packing myself this week! Me! A VIP!! Lol. Anyway, besides all that going on, we’ve been at the peak of chaos with the kitchen renovations, and when you have a very small house, and have your workspace within that house, it’s almost impossible to prevent any disruption. So that’s been challenging. Thankfully the kitchen is almost complete now, and all the messy stuff is finished. In fact, after I finish today’s blog, I’m off to clean and tidy. I hope to have the house in apple pie order by the weekend, when we have friends coming for a visit.

So while I’m elbow deep in plaster dust and wood shavings, here’s some yarn candy for you to peruse:

Sylvia 2ply Gone Fishing (he wishes!)

Sylvia 2ply Waterlily

Sylvia 2ply Party

Sylvia 2ply Anthem

Diana 2ply Idle (I wish!)

Diana 2ply Sun King

Diana 2ply Byron

Diana 2ply Prudent

More picks tomorrow!


I was going to show you some photos of the kitchen today, but then I reconsidered. Mondays are hard enough without any extra misery. And this house is currently No. 1 Misery Street, Nightmareville. I’d tell you all about it, about the fact that everything, every single last item in the kitchen is now covered in a thick layer of plaster dust because Somebody thought it would be a good idea to sand the walls down without covering the boxes of crockery, pans, food, etc. Or about the fact that I haven’t had a sink, running water, worktops, or cupboards for the last three days. But instead, let’s focus on something pleasant, something peaceful, before my head goes POP.

The cats, bless their hearts, have been as good as gold while the renovations are going on. I shut them up in the bedroom, and they just curl up and sleep on the bed until I can let them out again.

But I think I speak for all of us when I say that we will be very glad indeed to get this job over, and have our home back again.

Taking Shape

Wow, things are moving fast around here. The new kitchen floor is laid, and looking good. And I’m halfway up the first sleeve of Flyte. I think I’ll have this sweater finished by the end of the month. Oh, I do love Fair Isle. Here’s a couple of shots of the body:

(I’m trying hard not to think about the 47,000 ends I have to weave in)

Onward and upward!  


Why, oh why, did we decide to remodel upstairs? Why, oh why, did we decide to do it over the Christmas holidays? Why, oh why, did I believe Tony when he said it would only take about a week?

Three weeks into the project, and we’re only just beginning to see some progress. I had hoped, planned, for it to be finished at the beginning of this week, so that we would have a bit of time to relax before getting back to work. Ha. 

For one thing, the dividing wall between the two rooms, which we thought was plasterboard, turned out to be lath and plaster, so it was a much bigger and messier job taking it down. Then, instead of buying wardrobes, we decided to have a walk in wardrobe running the full length of the room, and that’s taken the best part of a week to build and fit. Tony’s only just finished that today. The ceiling had to be re-skimmed, because the ceiling in each room was different, so that’s slowed us down as well. Today Tony will start wallpapering, tomorrow will be painting and finishing off, and Sunday I hope the carpet will go down.

(this was a tiny bedroom, which we used as the Posh Yarn stock room)

Unfortunately, that means that we’ve run out of time to do the PY stock room and office before we have to go back to work. So we’re going to have to juggle doing that while working over the next couple of weeks.

(this was the other tiny room upstairs, a box room, not big enough to use for anything really)

Thankfully, we had the help of some very generous friends, who sacrificed their xmas hols as well to help us out. Without them, we would be even further behind than we are now.

(The left side of the room once the dividing wall was demolished. The eagle eyed among you may spot Tony’s Fair Isle sweater, over which I slaved for months, in a pile of rubble on the floor. Grrr.)

I hope that next week I will have some finished – or at least, mostly finished – shots for you!