Happy Thursday, my loves! There’s a brand new shop preview waiting for you. We’re in high summer, and there’s some major intensity of colour going on this week! I’ve popped in some cobweb weight, for the lace knitters among us, and there’s also the very beautiful slinky Lola Sock, a single ply silk base. Round it all off with some show stopping Dorothy Sport, and I think there’s something for everyone in this update!

The front page is Gretchen Lace, My Journey’s A Constant Dream (ain’t that the truth).

We are still waiting for Royal Mail to complete setting up the new international business account (come on, guys, my office is bursting with parcels), so for now the International shipping fee is still £7, and I do recommend that you allow me to hang on to your parcel until it can be sent by Airmail (although there is still the option to have it sent by Economy – ie. by ship – or if you are in a real hurry, it can be sent by Airmail, but it will cost a lot more than £7).

Phew. Enough words. Let’s look at the pretties!!!


Good evening, my loves. I hope life is treating you kindly at the moment, and that you have had a good weekend. As it tails to an end, don’t forget to set your alarms for 7pm, when tonight’s update starts. Cashmere, people!!

The update starts in 45 minutes time. See you then!