Don’t look now, but I think I’ve got a blog post in me…………….

How are you today, my dears? Good? I hope so. I’m just chugging along here, working, living, trying to take shows and holidays and little upheavals in my stride (and failing, of course, because I’m one of the world’s Flappers). I’m at my happiest when life is quiet and routine and every day’s to-do list numbers no more than the fingers of one hand. Which it doesn’t at the moment. We’ve got a higgledy-piggledy few weeks ahead of us. I’ll detail how that affects you:

There will be the usual update on Sunday August 19th, then nothing on Sunday August 26th (as we are at the Bluefaced show in Chester), then an update on Sunday September 2nd, then nothing on Sunday September 9th (as we are away on holiday), then back to normal on Sunday September 16th. Pha-eww.

I’m bringing about three times as much yarn to the show as I think will be necessary, mainly because I just couldn’t stop adding favourite bases to the list. Here’s what we will have (and what is to come over the next few weeks on the shop updates):

Miranda 2ply
Miranda 4ply
Gretchen 2ply
Gretchen 4ply
Sylvia 2ply
Sylvia 4ply
Sylvia DK
Martha Sport
Martha DK
Pamela (gold)
Olivia Lace
Olivia Sock
Audrey 2ply
Audrey 4ply
Natasha 2ply
Natasha 4ply

Sound good? Good.

Now then, onto non-Posh matters, because I’m embarrassed to see how many of the posts in the last few months have been about the business. Believe it or not, that’s not what this blog is really about. But I’ve been making a conscious effort to spend less time online – it’s better for my health & energy levels, and it helps with productivity too. Speaking of which, here are some of the projects that have been engaging my time & attention recently…….


AKA the project of doom……..

As you can see, I’ve nearly finished the knitted on edging on one side. I got that far and lost all will to live. It has been stuffed in my knitting bag ever since. I will finish it, I will, but I need enough time to elapse first in order to forget how much I hate it right now. Eleventy billion stitches, and so help me Bob I will never do another knitted on edging.

But look how smooshy it is. LOVE Catherine. Sheepy, squidgy goodness.


I’m knitting this in the Martha Sport A Is For Apple that one of my lovely friends gifted me. This is my first project in Martha Sport, and I am loving it. Cushy and velvety and knitting into a nice firm fabric. Blair is a pretty easy, fun pattern, and I am whipping along on it. Hope to have it finished by autumn. I see this cardigan over a plaid shirt & jeans. Cosy.

Loulouthi Cushion

This cushion is a shameless copy of this one, from the fabulous Anna Maria Horner. (When I grow up, can I please be her? Thank you.) The fabric is from her Loulouthi cotton range, and I’m embroidering it in naive running stitch, well, quilting it really, since it has a batting behind it. I adore this sort of stitching. I have high ambitions, one day, of hand quilting a quilt.

I’m planning to stitch us up some new pretty cushions for the living room, all different kinds & styles, but in this cheerful, bohemian jumble of colour. Neutrals? YAWN.

Elinor’s Quilt 

I am nearly done with a quilt that I’m making for my sweet niece, Elinor. She’s recently moved home, and is starting a new school in September, and I thought that something cozy and cuddly would be just the ticket. She’s thirteen going on fourteen, and not a particularly girly girl, so I wanted to make a quilt that was fun and modern and fresh. She picked out some of the colours, and I went from there. I ended up with a scrappy log cabin type quilt. I never get tired of those variations.

It’s pieced and quilted, and just waiting for its binding now. I’m trying a new way of attaching the binding, which I’m a little nervous about, so I might postpone it until I’ve done some experimenting with binding some little quilted coasters. I’ll show you it when it’s finished, of course.

As my Pinterest pals will know, I’ve been madly pinning quilting/stitching inspiration lately. During the hotter summer days, working with cool cotton is more appealing that sitting down with a lapful of woolly knitting. Plus I love the improv creativity that I can put into quilting – I don’t have that same courage or inspiration when it comes to knitting, and hardly ever deviate even a little from a pattern.

But in my world, there’s room for more than one craft, a little sewing, a little embroidery, a little knitting….. Each has its mood, its season, its corner. I ask you, again and again, HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE WITHOUT CRAFTS???!!!

Whew, that was some blog post. It’s feast or famine here at Posh! Hugs to each one of you, have a wonderful week.


Some progress shots on my Quill – I’m up to 60 ridges now.

As you can see, the yarn is a little uneven, it almost feels like knitting with a handspun yarn, some places thinner, some places thicker and loosely plied. I quite like it, it adds to the homespun, old fashioned, rustic effect of the shawl.

I defy anyone except Jared Flood to photograph a large cream garter square and make it look interesting!! But I’m still thoroughly enjoying the project. The mindlessness of the garter, coupled with the soft bounciness of the yarn, makes for the ultimate in soothing knits. It has that one-more-row appeal about it.

Simplicity is sometimes the most therapeutic thing there is. This project reminds me of…..

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • A tall glass of cold milk
  • Fresh white linen sheets
  • Homemade rice pudding
  • A sheet of cold pressed ivory writing paper
  • Whipped cream
  • An untouched blanket of snow
  • Puffy white clouds


There is a reason why I hardly ever show you my knitting projects on this blog. I’m rubbish at photographing them. I admire the artistically done project shots in other people’s Ravelry  pages and blogs, but when it comes to shooting my own, I fail miserably.

However, I have been knitting up a storm here, so despite the poor quality, here is the photographic evidence.

The colour accuracy on these photos is nil. The yarn is actually a warm burgundy, but fiddle as I might, I couldn’t get it even close to real life. Oh well. It is Gomitoli’s Camel 2ply, a heavy lace weight yarn.

I made this shawl up as I went along – a garter body, and a feather & fan edging, with some striping. It’s in Rowan Felted Tweed, and blocked out to a fairly decent shoulder shawl. I think I’m going to give this to a friend, who is having a rough time at the moment.

My handspun knee sock. Man, I really should get sock blockers (eta: I have now!). It looks pretty on though. I’m about to cast on the second sock. I’m not terribly enthusiastic about this project, because the handspun yarn feels quite rough and scratchy, and isn’t nice to knit with. Also, I have lost my project notes for the socks, so I haven’t got a clue how many stitches I cast on, how many increases I made on the leg shaping, etc. I will have to try to ‘read’ the first sock, and get as close as I can.

My cheerful handspun socks, which were about 75% completed. I was knitting both socks at once, and tried them on last night to judge the leg length, and found that the feet were too short, very uncomfortable on my toes. Since they were toe up, I saw no option but frogging. That hurt, I can tell you. It may be some time before I have the heart to cast them on again.


It’s very difficult to artistically photograph knee socks, while they are still on the needle!!

I spun the yarn for these socks ages ago. My idea was to create loooong stripes. It worked out pretty well! I spun 300g of fibre, and I’m hoping to get knee socks out of the yarn. Can’t you imagine these, poking out of the top of winter knee boots?! Cute.

They have been languishing in a bag for months – socks are not my favourite thing to knit, and the yarn isn’t very soft to work with. I’m quite close to finishing the first sock though, and I’m determined to crack on.

My recent experiment with project monogamy has been surprisingly successful. I finished Sakura in six weeks. A lace weight shawl in six weeks!! Still can’t quite believe it. I need to work up enough energy to block it, and then I can show you. After finishing it, I took a brutal trip through my projects box, and frogged several only-just-started projects. Felt good. Now I just have a fair isle sweater for Tony (which I will pick up again in the autumn), and two pairs of socks on the go. The other socks have been knitted simultaneously, and I’m about halfway through them. Just got each leg to knit. I might plug away at those when I complete this sock – before I cast on the second of this pair. (eta: Finished it!)

I would LOVE to finish these socks before casting on for something new. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that if you stick at a project, and put all your energy into it, you get much more accomplished than if you have lots of things on the go. I’m going to try to stick with this monogamy for as long as I can stand it.


Believe it or not, I do still knit! I’m just appalling lazy about taking photos of my projects, and very slow about finishing them! I’m dividing my time between three projects at the moment – all neck attire.

Honey Cowl in Posh Yarn Juliet

I must confess, this one is getting tedious. I’ve only got about 25% left to do, but yawn. I can’t seem to finish it. But I want to wear it, it feels so squishy and warm!!

Tweed Shawl In Rowan Felted Tweed

I’m kinda winging this one. I’m using a silver Felted Tweed DK for the main body of the shawl, and then I’m going to knit some stripes with a dark grape Felted Tweed, and finish off with some lace in the grape. I do love the look of garter, but it isn’t the easiest to knit.

Beaded Fountain Pen Shawl in Posh Yarn Sadie Lace

This one has been progressing v-e-r-y slowly. I love knitting it, but can only manage a couple of rows a day. This was an orphan skein that found it’s way into my stash. It changes colour depending on the light, sometimes it looks charcoal, other times a plummy grape. I’ve replaced the dreaded nupps with amethyst beads – but they don’t show up very well. I’m hoping blocking will work some magic on it. I started this as a shawl for when I was bridesmaid last June. HA HA!!! I think this will be a gift now, I have someone special in mind for it.

So, that’s what’s on my needles right now. How about you?