This week’s preview has just gone live! And it is popping….. Sharpen those elbows, Poshies! Which do you think will be the first to go?

The front page shot is Freya Sock, Singing Of Spring. Don’t you just want to dive in?

(And if you had your eye on something that was in the sale from last week, don’t forget that the unsold yarn moves across to our Etsy shop, where everything is 15% off.)


There’s some gorgeous patterns that have been released recently; I have been picking out some that I think would look wonderful in some of the yarn currently in the shop……

Robynn Lace, Do You Think You Could Fly If You Tried? (with Miyuki Blue Zircon Silver Lined beads) would be fantastic in Water’s Edge.

Betsy DK, Postpone The Blues To Another Day and Let’s All Stop Pretending To Be Grownups, would make a gloriously cheerful (and warm!) in After The Harvest.

Jeannie Sock, Life Would Be A Dream, Sweetheart and The Fields Are Soft And Green

or, for a deeper contrast and slightly more muted combination….

Jeannie Sock, Life Would Be A Dream, Sweetheart and Can Someone Let The Squirrels Out Of My Head? in Spikelets Socks.