We have got an intensely saturated update for you this week!!!!!! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a brand new base to launch:

Jessica Sport

A sports weight yarn, made from 50% suri alpaca, 50% merino. 328 yards (300m) per 100g. Recommended needle size is 3.5mm (US 4). £13.20 (including VAT), £11.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

It feels slightly rustic, but still soft. The perfect sweater yarn, I think.

The full shop preview is now live!


I’m delighted to tell you that not only will we have an update this week after all, but it’s a Sale!!! 25% off everything, including a selection of Orphans.

For those of you unfamiliar with Orphan Updates, here’s how they work.

There aren’t any photos or colour descriptions with orphans, as we sell them lucky dip style, but you will know what type of yarn you are buying (ie Sylvia Sock) and each skein is reduced in price, normally by 10%, but this time by 25%! There is usually only one skein per colourway, so if you buy more than one skein in a yarn base, you will probably not get matching skeins, but we do occasionally have twin orphans, so you may get a matching pair (or very rarely, triplets!).

Many of the skeins have been overdyed (which means, double dyed), so they will be either dark or very saturated, with the complexity and depth that you get from overdyed yarn. There are also some lighter skeins that ended up as orphans for one reason or another. Orphans are not faulty or seconds, that is not the reason they are reduced in price, but because there are no photos.

Sale updates are fast and furious, so be prepared, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! The full preview is now up!